Acts 17:6 “These men who have upset the world have come here also.”

Observation: Paul and Silas were in the synagogue at Thessalonica where, as was his custom, Paul had reasoned with them from the Scriptures for three consecutive Sabbaths, explaining how they foretold Christ. Some had been persuaded while others were inflamed to opposition and formed a mob intent upon stopping Paul’s preaching.

Application: It is a sobering thing to read that those who were proclaiming Christ had “upset the world” or, as another translation says, “turned the world upside down.” It is sobering precisely because there is something within me that desires to be known in that same way. It seems like that ought to be the normal result whenever the kingdom of light comes into contact with the kingdom of darkness: clashes ought to be the inevitable result rather than some “blending” that creates a belief of mush.

Any time Paul was in a crowd of unbelievers, he could be counted on to toss a few well-aimed hand grenades. Never content to let bad doctrine remain unexamined, fiercely resisting the plaintive whine, “Can’t we all just get along?”, he unfailingly confronted arrogance and pride whenever it reared its ugly head.

I don’t see myself contributing to that turmoil nearly as much as I feel I should. I know that faith in Christ over the years has produced the peace I experience today, but I wonder if as a result I have become too unwilling to be a radical, full-out, pursue-Him-at-any-cost Christian.

I must fight against allowing the status-quo comfort of life to keep me from being willing to radically pursue a deeper relationship with Him. I need to be willing to toss more hand grenades.

Prayer: Lord, keep me on edge. Make me an effective watchman. Let me never become so comfortable and satisfied in my faith that I lose the passion to deepen in you.