It was never my intention to write a book of devotionals. I began journaling in early morning meditations after my wife Cindy entered into the Lord’s presence after a thirty-seven year battle with multiple sclerosis.

The accumulation of those journals into this book reflects a decades-long effort to make sense out of daily loss and unfulfilled expectations…both hers and mine.

But I gradually realized that as I spent extended time in the Lord’s presence, He was teaching me about far more than dealing with loss of a spouse. The journey He had me on was to learn more about my own heart and about His sufficiency in the face of my inadequacy. I soon began journaling wherever my daily readings took me. The book contains writings on such things as:

            Submission to Authority

            Confidence in Christ

            Welcoming God’s disciplines

            Encouragement when we’re down

            Forgiveness (ooh, that’s a big one)

            Experiencing God’s love

            Peace in the midst of (you name it)

            Walking in His protection

            Suffering and trust in the midst of life’s trials


            …and much more

The book reflects my journey to greater intimacy with Him. It is a study of His words to me as a bridegroom speaks to His beloved, urging her always to go deeper into His love.

It is my prayer that these writings will cause you to consider His purposes in the midst of your own hard places, and that you…or loved ones you might buy the book for…would be led each day into a deepening relationship with the God who loves you with unimagined passion.