Psalm 124:8 “Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”

Observation: The psalmist began by recounting floodtides of oppositionIsrael had experienced, saying had it not been for the Lord, they would have been swallowed alive, engulfed by raging torrents of overwhelming waters. He then declared God their Deliverer and finished with this simple yet profound truth:  “Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.”

Application: Who is this “name of the Lord” who has been so helpful toIsrael?  The Lord JesusChrist is the name of the Lord, which the psalmist confirmed by adding that He’s the one who made heaven and earth. In one sentence David took us back to the creative energy of Genesis when the Word of God created everything that is out of nothing. He then swept us forward a few thousand years to John, where we are told that this creative Word, this name of God, is the Lord Jesus Christ. David knew Israel’s Deliverer, and it wasn’t advanced weaponry and satellites. He knew the profound destruction Israel had been spared by the Name above all names.

Scripture is fascinating partly because it is as relevant as today’s headlines. God remains the protector ofIsrael, but in this present age I too am invited to His sheltering. Having put my trust in the Lord JesusChrist, I am filled with a profound “knowing” that I am hidden in Him. As headlines scream of danger and destruction, as the Internet warns of an incoming flood of evil, my natural tendency is to view this through a prism of flesh, as though there are forces “out there” that control my destiny. 

But my deliverance comes not from success in battling these external things.  The true war rages in my heart. It is there that freedom is established or lost.  Once the “name of the Lord” has full rule and reign over my heart, the external ragings of the enemy no longer have a hold on me; the enemy is exposed as toothless, weaponless. David never foolishly denied the existence ofIsrael’s enemies. He could still use his eyes and his understanding to discern external forces arrayed against him. But like me, he knew a deliverer whose strength is immeasurably greater than raging torrents. He knew the foundation that could never be swept away. David knew the “name of the Lord,” JesusChrist.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, You have been in the midst of men’s affairs from the beginning, and You are involved yet today. Thank You that Your redemption is complete, Your deliverance is unquestioned, as I have put my full faith in You. Expose my enemies for what they are, Lord:utterly unable to separate me from Your love.