Genesis 8:1(a) “But God remembered Noah…”

Observation: Preceding verses have described the effects of the flood: every living thing on the earth perished, along with all mankind. “Everything on dry land that had the breath of life in its nostrils died (v. 7:22) Then comes the simple phrase, “But God remembered Noah.”

Application: What am I to make of this phrase? Does it suggest that ‘til God had finished with the flood’s devastating work He had been too occupied with death and destruction to give Noah a thought? Not likely. From God’s perspective, His thoughts must have continually been toward Noah. After all, hadn’t God commanded the ark’s construction as a vehicle for salvation? Didn’t the ark carry the precious remnant of all God held dear?

No, the statement of God’s remembrance of Noah must surely have been written from Noah’s perspective, not God’s. In the telling and retelling of the story to succeeding generations, surely this simple phrase was fraught with emotion and relief. Until Noah recorded that God remembered him, the previous time we’re sure Noah had heard from God had been months earlier when God had closed the ark’s door. Save the natural cacophony of the animals, the ark might have been possessed of a tomb-like quiet. Then, after a week, the flood began. Not as a gentle rain that went unendingly on, but as vengeful torrents of raging waves body-slamming the ark and its precious cargo. All the while, Noah had not heard from God.

But suddenly, destruction ceased. Waters began receding, and the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. Surely it was with a sense of relieved celebration that Noah realized they had made it through the storm. They were alive; all was going to be well once again.

I am often like Noah. In the midst of life’s most violent storms I can easily forget that God remembers me moment-by-moment. It is easy to exult on the other side of a difficult season, but I should learn the more important reality: that God had never left me, He never forsook me. As I climb gratefully down from Six Flags’ most terrifying ride and breathe relief at the certainty of solid ground, I should remember that He was with me through every violent twist and turn of the entire ride.

Prayer: Father, thank You for this reminder that You are always with me; Your thoughts toward me are more than I could count. You have a strategy for safe deliverance through life’s worst trials, and I am grateful.