Psalm 145:5-6 “On the glorious splendor of Your majesty and on Your wonderful works, I will meditate. Men shall speak of the power of Your awesome acts, and I will tell of Your greatness.”

Observation: Remember and tell. Meditate and shout. Praise His works from one generation to another. Meditate on the splendor of His majesty and on His wonderful works. Speak of His acts; tell of His greatness. Utter the memory of His abundant goodness and shout joyfully of His righteousness.

Application: Remember and tell. Could the psalmist have been any more energized in His guidance than this? His command is that I live life with His testimony on my lips, purposefully sharing with those around me all that God has done. Certainly this was important for the nation Israel; after all, they had a singularly astonishing story to tell—of deliverance from Egypt, of guidance and protection through the Red Sea and the desert, of judgment and exile to Babylon, and then of deliverance once again.

But lest I miss something important here and treat this as a mere history lesson, David spoke from 3,000 years ago to me personally, asking that I apply His command to my own life. Israel’s journey with God had been unique, but no more so than my own. Moments of faithfulness interspersed with years in the desert.  Or has it now become moments of desert and years of faithfulness? See how God has gradually changed the nature of the journey?

Surely there exists within me sufficient grist to make for inspiring stories for succeeding generations. Once I was dead, but now I live. Whoa, how did that happen? I have been in dark tunnels of despair and then restored to His marvelous light. Wow! What was that about? I can now declare that His ways are perfect, His power is awesome, His beauty and splendor are unmatched. 

The telling of it matters to the next generation, but not because my story may enable them to grow without their own trials. Trials are an essential ingredient of being conformed to Christ. But in my story resides hope that says, “If He would do all that for me, He will do it for you, too.”

Prayer: O Father God, Your ways are not my ways, are they? You have carried me through rough terrain; You have lovingly delivered me from each dark place. You have given me a story to tell and next generations to hear it. Bless You and thank You, Lord, for your unmatched goodness.