Miracles still happen

As a subscriber to my daily devotional emails, you know I have been writing these for a number of years now. You may also be aware that the first 365 of them have been published into a daily devotional keepsake book.

The book was self-published, which meant there was virtually no chance that major Christian bookstores would pick it up and carry it on their shelves.

Miracle #1: Family Christian Stores has placed an order to put the books into 150 of their stores around the country. It is unprecedented that they would begin by stocking 150 stores; an “unknown” author typically is placed in 30 stores as a test.

Miracle #2: Lifeway, the Southern Baptist bookstores, has committed to placing the books in all 160 of their stores. Again, it is virtually unprecedented for a self-published author to ever be carried in their stores.

There is very little profit for an author in bookstore sales, as they buy at wholesale to market at retail. But I never published with profit in mind anyway; my heart was to be responsive to what I thought the Father way saying to try to make the writings available to more folks.

So please…pray for good visibility and response in the bookstores. And, if you’re inclined, call your local Family Christian Store to express interest in the books. Even those who are not participating in the initial “test” can order it. (Lifeway has not yet place their order.)

And of course, if you would like to learn more about the book, you can go to my website at www.lifeinrealtimeonline.com.

 Thank you for yoking with me in this.