Dear Readers,

I’m delighted to announce that my new book of devotionals is now available.

Titled Journey Through Financial Crises, it follows the format of the daily emailed devotionals you have been receiving, with a couple of important differences:

First, the book contains 40 devotionals, all on the general subject of the economic fears that seem to grip so many today. For example . . .

What do you do when the economy craters around you? How has the loss of value in your home and your 401(k) attacked your sense of well-being? These devotionals are about thriving spiritually when the bottom line on which our lives have been built seems to have been swallowed up in the financial and political chaos of the age.

The second difference is this: each devotional is followed by personal reflection questions, making it ideal for your own quiet time or for use in home fellowships and Bible studies. In fact, the pre-orders show that many individuals and churches are purchasing quantities to give as personal gifts or to distribute to all the members of their church or favorite parachurch ministry. It’s priced to make purchase of multiple copies easy!

I believe you’ll find the devotionals to be both encouraging and challenging. So go ahead . . . visit my web site now and place your order ( He desires that you experience His peace in the midst of financial storms.

Dave Keesling