1 Samuel 23:4 “Then David inquired of the Lord once more.”

Observation: David had heard God correctly the first time about going to war against the plundering Philistines, but people around him were fearful (1 Sam. 23:2–3). So he went back to God to reconfirm that He had really said what David fully knew God had said the first time. God doesn’t seem offended by David’s “shaky moment,” but helpfully repeats His original instruction.

Application: It seems that questioning God a second time was simply a step in David’s training. He was not yet king, but soon would be, and it was essential that he learn how to hear God’s voice clearly. David was like a small child being groomed by a parent for instant obedience; I know that one day her life may depend upon her stopping immediately when my voice commands it.

Sometimes I may ask that instructions be repeated because I genuinely didn’t hear or understand the original. Often, though, my questioning has more of a “You really weren’t serious about that, were You?” kind of attitude. God takes very seriously the matter of sending the Israelites into battle; why should I behave as though His instructions in my life today are any more optional? 

Just as the Israelites had to clear their land of enemies, so must I. He calls me to purge my heart of evil, to embrace what is good, to trust in Him alone as I face the enemies of my soul.

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, that You are willing to repeat Yourself when I come to You with questions. I am so thankful You do not grow weary of me, and that Your instructions are always for my good, for my protection. Lord, forgive my disobedience even as I contend with my soul to walk with You in purity and wholeheartedness.